may 29, 2020
What you’ll be doing As a consultant in this area, you will enjoy unrivalled challenges at the forefront of the next generation in data management, analytics and enterprise content management, working with existing and emerging technologies. You’ll work with experienced and talented consultants in the delivery of complex solutions for household name clients to unlock the value of business data.
jun 5, 2020
How does Coca-Cola use AI in practice? Vending machines: Coca-Cola serves a large proportion of its drinks through vending machines. On many new machines, customers can interact with the machine up to a point where they can choose different customisations of their drinks with shots of altogether different drinks added. This was first introduced in America in 2009 called Coca-Cola Freestyle and according to statistics, around the world there are now 50,000 units in use serving 14 million drinks per day. In these machines, Coca-Cola have begun using AI algorithms which allows them to promote the drinks and flavours which are more popular overall and make suggestions to users depending on the location of the drinks dispenser.
jan 5, 2020
McDonald’s to someone today, and they're more likely to think about Big Mac than Big Data. But that could soon change: The fast-food giant has embraced machine learning, in a fittingly super-sized way. McDonald’s is set to announce that it has reached an agreement to acquire Dynamic Yield, a startup based in Tel Aviv that provides retailers with algorithmically driven "decision logic" technology. When you add an item to an online shopping cart, it’s the tech that nudges you about what other customers bought as well. Dynamic Yield reportedly had been recently valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars; people familiar with the details of the McDonald’s offer put it at over $300 million. That would make it the company's largest purchase since it acquired Boston Market in 1999.
feb 15, 2020
Procter & Gamble, or P&G, is a large multinational consumer goods company that was founded in 1837 and has its headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio. Currently it is operational in over 70 countries, its products are sold in over 180 countries and they serve almost 5 billion customers with their brands. Annual net sales is currently around $ 84 billion. The conglomerate has 50 leadership brands of which 25 of them are billion-dollar brands. They cover over 1500 different websites, attracting 1 billion visitors. They send 1.2 billion emails per year and they have 500 different CRM programs touching over 100 million consumers.
mar 19, 2020
Carrefour uses SAS Viya to become the first French retailer using AI to increase availability of merchandise in-store and online NRF 108th Annual Convention and EXPO, New York (14 ianuarie 2019) Retail giant Carrefour has chosen SAS® Viya® to optimize its supply chain as part of the company’s global transformation plan to better meet customer expectations through advanced technologies. Carrefour aims to create a unique online and in-store shopping universe where the most suitable merchandise for recognized loyalty customers is guaranteed any time, any place. The deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize the supply chain is a first for the French retail sector.
apr 1, 2020
With such an ambitious goal, the Barça Innovation Hub has presented its research at this year's world-renowned MIT Sloan Sports Analytics international conference. This research is based on a mathematical model that assesses the quality of the decisions made by players taking into account the position of their team mates and opponents every second within a match. The study is co-authored by Javier Fernández (head of Sports Analytics at FC Barcelona), Luke Bornn (former Harvard professor and current Vice-President and head of Strategy and Analysis for the Sacramento Kings) and Dan Cervone (Director of Quantitative Research for the Los Angeles Dodgers) "Football is a sport that you play with your brain. You have to be in the right place at the right moment, not too early, not too late."